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They were ok

I knew it was a gamble ordering a mystery bag. I honestly just wasn’t a fan of the colors and a couple of the strands looked like they were made of maybe random left over beads that didn’t really go together (pastel/pearlish pinks with blue,brown,yellow). I was open because the description said they complimented each other but only a few complimented. The colors seemed a bit all over the place. They do seem well-made but I decided to give them away.

Danni T
My favorite color

I really like this one. Beautiful

Danni T
My favorite

I loved this one but I tied it too tightly and I broke it on the first day. I’m sad but I was able to save it before all the beads came off. When I lose more weight I’ll retie it I guess.

Danni T
Super cute

Love it!

The Source
Loved the beads and the lightweight feel

Unfortunately they ripped on the very first day I got them and put them on

Quality of beads are nice , smaller than what I’m used to. The overall length of strand was great for plus size individuals so that’s awesome would buy again but I guess just be more delicate with them

Sacral Chakra
Jillian Shelby
Beautiful waist beads

This is my go to waist bead line. She never miss. Always got some beautiful
waist beads❤️

Beautiful but..

I have other beads from other companies I could shower and so forth no issues but these only lasted me a week unfortunately 😐 beautiful beads though

The Light + Gold
Catherine Hernandez-Navarro
Helping me through my body appreciation journey

Love the beads so much …holding me accountable while looking so beautiful. Already seeing results and how it helps me control my appetite and my appearance. Just perfect and such perfect packaging!!

Noir Dream
Keisha Cayton
Love these

OMG I love my waist beads. The beads are ready strong and not cheap plastic beads. I can't wait to wear them.

Lauren Hamilton
Great quality

I really like these waist beads they’re a really good quality and are really flattering around my waist.

They were easy enough to put on and are a really good way to show bloating and whatnot.

Mystery Bags
Melissa Tedder-Evans
I love the mystery bag!

I was so excited to receive my mystery bag. The colors were mostly orange & yellow based, with a few blues. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because 2 out of the 10 had very thin string on it that will easily break {& they had my most favorite colors out of the pack ~ go figure}, & because 3 of them were too short to go around my waist😪. Nonetheless, I have the other ones on & I do love them. I’m glad I found wiastbeadsbyfatou! I’ll definitely order again.

Gold Coast
Yinett Villafana

I loved the beads. They came packaged really cutesy, the shipping was as expected. I'm knocking it down because the silver beads lost the foil right after the first shower, thiught it would last a little longer. If you are going to get them know that it will be gold and clears beads. I will still enjoy.


I have been ordering beads from Fatou for a couple of years now and I am never disappointed. The beads are high quality and that thread that she uses is extremely effective in keeping your waist tight!

Fire n' Desire
Shani Gilchrist

Shipping was fast, this isn't the first set of waist beads I've purchasedfrom Fatou. Love them. Simple and pretty

Brown Suga
Asia Hickman
I love it

It came with a cute charm and the beads are beautiful and good quality.

Honey Chai
Angie Clark
Lovely beads

These beads fit comfortably

Angie Clark
Well pleased

I am well pleased with these beads
I have no regrets at all

Sumula Baker
My Beautiful Energy

Hello you I just received my Sage beads, they are beautiful thank you for the blessing hands that craft these beads. I don’t know if it just my energy or the universe is the reason why I am into them for the pass 5 years. I am on my third sets of waist beads that was made by your company, they still stand strong and with blessing energy, and aways a perfect fit at all times.

Mango Delight
Arbreesha Aaron

I love these cute waist beads, very sexy

Fire n' Desire

The beads are beautiful and arrived promptly. When tying them on, I recommend leaving little empty string space because any hair on your middle will be caught in between the beads (this happens with any pair of waist beads, no matter where you buy). I'm very happy with this purchase.

Blue Heaven
Todd Hudson

I never received beads. They sent them back to you guys due to wrong address.I emailed you guys my new address so you could resend.

Mystery Bags
Sherika B

These are beautiful and $65 for 10 traditional waist beads. The colors were pretty and coordinated. I received an orange assortment. I was able to share with my15 year old. Thank you I love them all!

Blue Heaven

Love the pretty combination colors. Durable and subtle bead size. Recommend!


Love the subtle style and bead size. Durable and lovely. Helped me with my confidence.

Cool color

Pretty with my other two colors!